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The leader in the quest for the best treatment to End-Stage Renal Disease.

Newsol SmartPD Disposable Products List

Since its inception, much of Newsol's energies have been devoted to the research and development of the product line for the SmartPD™ System. This innovative offering has been designed to meet the pent-up needs of the dialysis community (patients, clinicians, and administrators). The heart of the SmartPD™ System is the portable Automatic Peritoneal Dialysis (APD) machine. The machine and the ng, warming, volume control, and accompanying unique disposable cartridge, which serves for the metered sensing of intra-peritoneal pressure, are both protected by global patents. The cartridge and accompanying tubing also deploys newly designed ergonomic connectors with unsurpassed safety characteristics. The system is designed for use in both home-based and clinical settings, thereby allowing great versatility.

SmartPD™ System connectors are centered on a double-shielded, recessed fluid path design for added safety and reliability. This unique connectology with tactile feedback and secure connections was developed in-house, employing many years of clinical experience


Introducing SmartPD™: A truly innovative Automated Peritoneal Dialysis System

  • Safe efficient APD for patients of all ages including pediatric
  • Automated operations: IPD, CCPD, NPD, Tidal PD & Enhanced PD, customizable modality
  • Continuous pressure monitoring and control
  • Patient-friendly graphical self-correcting alarm management system
  • Easy to use patient colour touch screen control
  • Inline heating of solutions
  • Multi-language
  • APD therapies are written by the clinician and transferred to the cycler with the patient USB stick
  • Easy retrieval of treatment history

SMARTPD™ System Features

Patented IPP(intra-peritoneal pressure) control technology

  1. Automated and quantitative measurement of peritoneal cavity volume.
  2. Prevents volume overfill during the Fill phase
  3. Optimizes Dwell duration
  4. Constant volume or constant pressure option during Dwell
  5. Automatically monitors and record ultrafiltration kinetics during Dwell
  6. Complete drainage of infused fluid at end of cycle
  7. Prevents Drain pain
  8. Wet and dry end-state option

Patented Point of use formulation

  1. Any approved dialysate formulation can be mixed and delivered cycle by cycle
  2. Can deliver any premix formulation
  3. Convert nonphysiological pH solution to physiological pHat point of use
  4. Can accept traditional or non-traditional osmotic agents
  5. Automatic delivery of additives and treatment drugs

Patented Connectology

Specially designed cartridge that can mimic the physical environment and chemical nature of the fluid in the peritoneal cavity

Double-shielded and spikeless connectors

The fluid path is automatically monitored for continuity during the entire treatment Monitoring of fluid path

  1. Prevents accidental disconnection during the entire dialysis procedure
  2. Automatically detects and manages accidental disconnects
  3. Detects and manages kinks and blockages in fluid lines
  4. Limits human contact with clinically relevant surfaces in the fluid path
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